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Meet the Collective

Members Sara Grossman is a writer from California and the director and cofounder of the Angles art collective. She has written about campus LGBTQ issues, racial inequities, and international migration, among other topics. She is a writer and editor for UC Berkeley’s Haas Institute, where she writes about equity policy and social justice issues. David Labi is a writer, editor, filmmaker, producer, and cofounder of Angles. He has written fiction,  edited magazines, translated poetry, made documentaries and shorts in Argentina, Japan, and Berlin, and continues to explore different media and his city obsession through Angles. He is also founder of comms agency Good Point. Rasha Hilwi is an Arab Palestinian writer, cultural journalist, and blogger. Her texts are published in major Arab newspapers, in online media, and on cultural platforms. Rasha explores how people express their cultures away from “home,” as well as love stories within different political, social, and cultural contexts. Follow her on Twitter here. Lê Hoàng Gia is a Vietnamese photographer who grew up in both Vietnam and Finland and now lives in Berlin. Gia specialises in conflict zone photography …

Tales from the Dog Salons of Berlin

Among the classic Berlin bookshops, Spätis, and Apothekes, hints of more specific subcultures can be detected. Dog owners in the city have long brought their pooches to be groomed at one of the many boutique Hundesalons in the city. But how are these old-school businesses faring in the age of rapid technological advancement and hyper-gentrification? Writer Aïcha Abbadi and fine artist Peter Wood visited a few salons to hear the tales of the groomers who work there. By Aïcha Abbadi (text) and Peter Wood (illustration) See full gallery of Peter’s work at bottom. HUNDEPARADIES Alt-Moabit 115, Moabit Between a bakery and a sports bar, just opposite the massive concrete wall separating the street from the prison, Hundeparadies, or “Dog Paradise”, is a capsule from another time. Inside, dog food, leashes, toys and other accessories are packed on colourful shelves. The centrepiece: a big fridge packed with raw meat. At the back, two blond children, a girl and boy, play with two dogs while water boils in a kettle behind the counter. Against all odds, the place is …

Meet us at Angles: Berlin kickoff events

Angles: Berlin will kick off its first co-creation events on Sunday, February 4 and Sunday, February 18, 2018, both from 14:00 to 17:00. This first event will include writers, photographers, artists, and other creative residents of Berlin of all cultural and immigrant backgrounds. We’ll be working cross-discipline to produce original content about the city of Berlin. Themes of food, culture, and music will serve as tools to delve beneath the surface of the city. We’d love for you to be involved! If you’re interested, let us know who you are with our 5-minute survey. We will get back in touch with the location after you’ve filled that out. Can’t wait to hear from you!