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Sex Work in Berlin: Perspectives on the City’s Oldest Profession

Illustrations by Peter Wood, audio production by Julia Joubert, interviews by Sara Grossman, video editing by David Labi This piece is an ongoing series exploring the many sides of sex work in Berlin. We spoke with sex workers, researchers, activists and others who have interacted with the industry, to investigate its role and significance in our city. We will be updating this page regularly with our latest interviews, so keep checking back in.

Re-Mapping Rollberg Kiez with Neukölln Youth

In an effort to creatively engage with local youth in Berlin, members of the Angles collective planned, organised, and faciliated two arts workshops with teens at the Shalom Rollberg community centre in Neukölln. Shalom Rollberg is a community project that initiates intercultural encounters in the Rollbergviertel of Berlin-Neukölln, aiming to promote dialogue between predominantly Muslim children, young people and their families with the members of the city’s diverse Jewish community. The two Angles arts workshops came as part of a larger course teaching English language skills to the centre’s youths—all of whom are girls aged 14–16. The workshops aimed not only to foster English ability and artistic creativity, but also to help the students reimagine their own neighbourhood and the community within it. We too had the privilege of viewing Rollberg Kiez through new eyes! For the first workshop, Swiss painter Myriam Gross-Mail developed a large-scale map of the Kiez and led the youth through exercises to identify key places, encouraging them to re-envision the space in which they spend their daily lives and view the community …