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Soundtrack to the City

In an ongoing piece, the Angles Collective meets some of the harmonious heros bringing music to the city’s streets. Street music in Berlin is a colourful, thriving scene. In train stations, on corners, in parks, passing ears receive communication from a bewildering variety of tones, styles, and genres. But who are the people pumping this sweet soundtrack into the air? Australian filmmaker and Angles Collective member Jordan Brown went out roving with his microphone, to capture numerous interviews with these unsung legends. Meanwhile Northern Irish artist Charys Wilson gravitated towards a famous busking spot: Berlin’s Warschauer Straße U-Bahn station. She created a cardboard replica of the station building. Because that’s just the kind of thing she does. The superimposition resulted in the following video, filmed and edited by David Labi: And Jordy’s full audio montage, featuring the stories of several Berlin buskers, follows: Find more of Jordan Brown’s film and sound work here, and Charys Wilson’s art work here.

The Mystery of Wedding’s Kebab Street

Countless döner kebab shops line Badstraße in Berlin’s Wedding district. The untrained eye might think they’re all the same… but a group of Angles artists went deeper to discover how each shop plays a key role within this rich community. The third time I walked into Slzkern’s kebab shop’ on Badstraße, he was convinced I was a lawyer. I’d already been sitting in a corner booth for about a half an hour with his friend Ali, who moonlights for free behind the counter a few times a week, when Slzkern noticed I was back. “You lied to me,” he said, pulling a crumpled envelope out of his pocket. I’d met Slzkern about a month before when I visited on a busy Saturday afternoon to ask about his restaurant, Kebab Haus. We didn’t have the chance to get far thanks to an uninterrupted parade of people walking in off the street, so I had him write out his name in my notebook for later. It was just for spelling’s sake, but Slzkern was convinced I’d had …

Tales from the Dog Salons of Berlin

Among the classic Berlin bookshops, Spätis, and Apothekes, hints of more specific subcultures can be detected. Dog owners in the city have long brought their pooches to be groomed at one of the many boutique Hundesalons in the city. But how are these old-school businesses faring in the age of rapid technological advancement and hyper-gentrification? Writer Aïcha Abbadi and fine artist Peter Wood visited a few salons to hear the tales of the groomers who work there. By Aïcha Abbadi (text) and Peter Wood (illustration) See full gallery of Peter’s work at bottom. HUNDEPARADIES Alt-Moabit 115, Moabit Between a bakery and a sports bar, just opposite the massive concrete wall separating the street from the prison, Hundeparadies, or “Dog Paradise”, is a capsule from another time. Inside, dog food, leashes, toys and other accessories are packed on colourful shelves. The centrepiece: a big fridge packed with raw meat. At the back, two blond children, a girl and boy, play with two dogs while water boils in a kettle behind the counter. Against all odds, the place is …