Angles Collective

Meet the Collective


Sara Grossman is a writer from California and the director and cofounder of the Angles art collective. She has written about campus LGBTQ issues, racial inequities, and international migration, among other topics. She is a writer and editor for UC Berkeley’s Haas Institute, where she writes about equity policy and social justice issues.

David Labi is a writer, editor, filmmaker, producer, and cofounder of Angles. He has written fiction,  edited magazines, translated poetry, made documentaries and shorts in Argentina, Japan, and Berlin, and continues to explore different media and his city obsession through Angles. He is also founder of comms agency Good Point.

Rasha Hilwi is an Arab Palestinian writer, cultural journalist, and blogger. Her texts are published in major Arab newspapers, in online media, and on cultural platforms. Rasha explores how people express their cultures away from “home,” as well as love stories within different political, social, and cultural contexts. Follow her on Twitter here.

Jamal Ali is a musician, sound engineer, activist, and journalist from Azerbaijan. He has been living in Berlin since 2012, when he was forced to flee his country after being arrested in a peaceful protest while singing songs that criticised the local regime.

Stella Meris is a Swiss/German video artist researching history, religion, and displacement. Raised in a Christian fundamentalist community in Switzerland, she left at 17 and has lived in Berlin since 2012. In recent years she has been working on a documentary about her ancestors, who moved to Haifa, Palestine in 1870 as part of the German Templars, a Christian cult from Württemberg. More of her work here.

Zena El Abdalla is a Syrian architect and multidisciplinary artist who works in painting, installation design, visual art, architecture, product design, text, and interior design. Her artwork dwells on the psychological condition and questions human principles and values, taking a critical view of social, political and cultural issues. Follow her on Instagram here.

Annelisa Leinbach is a fine artist, working across painting, photography, and film. Annelisa graduated with distinction from Yale’s undergraduate art program in 2016. She is particularly interested in politics, migration, food, and lesser known social groups in the city. Find here work on Instagram here.

Nikhil Chaudhary is an architect, urbanist and sustainability campaigner who is also a prolific graphic artist. Originally from India, Nikhil has particular interest in topics related to urbanisation, urban planning, urban design, and urban development. Find more of his work here.

Artist Myriam Gross Mall was born in St.Gallen, Switzerland but has lived in Switzerland, the US, and Germany. Since 2014, she has been studying Fine Art in Mannheim, Germany. Before studying Fine Arts, Myriam worked as a lawyer. She is currently working and living in Mannheim and Berlin. See more of her art here.

German-American illustrator and artist Linnea Lieth studied fine art and creative writing at UNC Chapel Hill. Living mostly in her imagination, but passionate about non-fiction, she concerns herself with storytelling through words and images that use magical elements to understand the truths of the world. The creation of her work incorporates both traditional and digital mediums. Find them on Instagram.

Born in Bedford in 1991, Peter Wood studied at Central St Martin’s College of Art and Design and the University of Westminster, graduating with a degree in Illustration and Visual Communication in 2014. Since then, he has continued to draw using a variety of mediums including charcoal, ink, pen and collage. Find more of his work here.

Sara Mohammed is an artist from Toronto, of Pakistani and Swedish immigrant parents. She has worked in various social justice organisations since 2008, leading research, policy, community development, and communications initiatives. As a published writer and exhibited artist, Sara’s work explores the intersection of environment, diaspora, lived experience, and inherited memory. 

Leandro Viernes is a prolific singer-songwriter and sound designer from Argentina. His sound is rooted in pop and electro, and often coupled with a strong Argentine folk influence. With three records and two EPs under his belt, Leandro has played at many important clubs around Latin America and internationally. Follow him on Instagram here.

Lê Hoàng Gia is a Vietnamese photographer who grew up in both Vietnam and Finland and now lives in Berlin. Gia specialises in conflict zone photography and recently spent time in Iraq and Myanmar. Follow Gia’s work on Instagram here.

Justina Leston is an Argentinean photographer trained at the Andy Goldstein Photography School, and graphic designer graduated from the University of Buenos Aires. At present, she works as an independent designer at and continues to develop her photographic work under the curatorship of Lorena Fernández. Find more of her work here.

Originally from Afghanistan, Parvin Shafaq is a handicraft artist specialising in crochet. After moving to Berlin, Parvin founded her own craft company, Choogh, helping newcomer women in Germany use handicraft skills to earn money and gain independence. Learn more about Choogh here

Sabine Neises is a German graphic designer and photographer currently doing a masters on community mapping. She is particularly interested in documenting stories related to subcultures, urbanisation, architecture, public space, the history of Berlin, feminism, intercultural encounters, and “Kiez Kultur”. See more of her work here.

Ana Kova is a Russian-American illustrator, focusing on science illustration and information design. Her goal as a visual communicator is to make meaningful knowledge more accessible. She enjoys untangling incoherences. She loves languages, dance music, cats, and depressing literature. See her work on Instagram here.

Julia Joubert is a South African radio presenter, YouTuber, and writer with a passion for storytelling. After working for a major broadcasting company down south she moved to Berlin to further explore her role in the medium, seeking to create conversation through shared observation, discussion and a little comic relief. Find her on Youtube here

Austin Chandler Davis is a Berlin-based foreign correspondent and freelance journalist. Originally from Michigan, USA, Austin covers German politics and culture, but is also interested in migration, food, and queer culture. Learn more about his work here.

Keir Edmonds accidentally moved to Berlin in a fog of confusion back in 2011. The fog has lingered to this day and so has he, mainly spending his free time producing incredibly detailed but mediocre drawings and paintings of Berlin’s urban landscape. *editor’s note: they are not mediocre. Follow Keir on Instagram here.