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Recap: Three Stories on Turning Points & Transformations

We held our first Three Stories event in the basement of the Center for Art and Urbanistics (ZK/U) on Feb. 2. More than 60 Berliners from all over the city participated in this event, each of whom had the opportunity to visit storytellers in three different “neighbourhoods” of Berlin in ZKU’s cavernous basement space, which had been transformed into a deconstructed map of the city. 

The three storytellers shared narratives of turning points and transformations in Berlin, including from a Hebrew language sign language interpreter, a fiction writer from Syria, and an American-born longtime Berlin resident who has seen the city transform over time. Their varied and distinct narratives of change were further built  upon as participants had the opportunity to share their own turning points and place-based experiences in Berlin.

Our three storytellers were Dan TrattlerGal Naor, and Zena El Abdalla. 

Performer at Three Stories

Angles members Zena El Abdalla and David Labi co-organised the event. Photos by Justina Leston