Angles Collective

Sponsor Angles

Angles is always seeking financial and in-kind support from local brands and companies. As a Berlin project that seeks to break barriers across communities, our ideal partners are brands that are also rooted in the city and seeking to engage with both longtime locals and recent transplants.

With our diverse audiences and wide reach, sponsoring Angles can help you reach new customers and root your brand more firmly in the local Berlin arts and culture scene. Benefits to sponsors include direct and authentic access to our followers, most of whom live in Berlin and are between 25 and 35 years old. Sponsors can also attach their name to a young but growing arts and culture project that is deeply involved in a number of local Berlin communities.

There are three ways to sponsor our work:

1) Story sponsorship: We are consistently working to produce diverse stories about Berlin places, spaces, and communities—comprised of people who you are likely hoping to build brand awareness with. With a story sponsorship, you can sponsor a specific piece of content on our site, and we would note your support on the story page and across our social media platforms when promoting the piece.

2) General sponsorship: Want to reach beyond a single story? You can sponsor the Angles collective more broadly and we’ll place your logo can go on our site, across our social platforms, and we will regularly thank you for your support.

3) Event sponsorship: You could be the official sponsor of one of our upcoming public events on bridge-building and storytelling, which we host regularly in Berlin.

Learn more by emailing Sara Grossman at