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Soundtrack to the City

In an ongoing piece, the Angles Collective meets some of the harmonious heros bringing music to the city’s streets.

Street music in Berlin is a colourful, thriving scene. In train stations, on corners, in parks, passing ears receive communication from a bewildering variety of tones, styles, and genres.

But who are the people pumping this sweet soundtrack into the air?

Australian filmmaker and Angles Collective member Jordan Brown went out roving with his microphone, to capture numerous interviews with these unsung legends.

Meanwhile Northern Irish artist Charys Wilson gravitated towards a famous busking spot: Berlin’s Warschauer Straße U-Bahn station. She created a cardboard replica of the station building. Because that’s just the kind of thing she does.

The superimposition resulted in the following video, filmed and edited by David Labi:

And Jordy’s full audio montage, featuring the stories of several Berlin buskers, follows:

Find more of Jordan Brown’s film and sound work here, and Charys Wilson’s art work here.